My name is Josh. I’ve been a hockey fan my entire life. I’m a highly opinionated individual and never shy away from sharing those opinions, be it positive or negative. I grew up a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, but somehow became an Ottawa Senators fan at some point. For obvious reasons, I’ve found my way back to following the Canadiens. I love talking hockey. I’ve actually always loved talking hockey, and now I’m lucky enough that people listen to me having those hockey conversations!

I’m a highly emotional sports fan which has always made for some interesting podcast episodes. I can’t thank the listeners enough for lending us your ears each and every week. I hope you enjoy the show!

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My name is Lambros, I am in my last year of my masters at McGill. I’ve been a Habs fan from the moment I understood hockey, and all I do now is correct Josh whenever he is wrong regarding stats. Basically, I have an uncanny ability to remember various useless stats to bring up on the podcast. I am also known on the podcast for my patented “have a good night everyone” line to close out each and every episode of the show.

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